Solutions for Sheltered workshops & Charity shop warehouses

Sheltered workshops, charity shop warehouses and training centres

From the very start, Easy Systems paid extra attention to projects at sheltered workshops, charity shop warehouses and training centres (technical schools as well as the Flemish Ministry for Labour and Education, …)

For years we have created ergonomic workplaces, lifting units and machine guarding, as well as conveyor systems for the ergonomic packing and repacking of products and the sorting of textiles, second hand clothes and other materials. In this particular sector, we also engaged in projects to fully connect warehouse, assembly and packaging zones. All this to supply the certainty of employment for all members of our society and in keeping affordability in mind.

Your sector has to cater for low-wage countries as well and needs to be of a highly competitive level.

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David Taverniers

General Manager

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I started Easy Systems in 2007 after more than 10 year’s of experience in the sector.

Our mission is to be the contact point for machine manufacturers, logistics centres, production companies, assembly factories and sheltered workshops, all of whom need a reliable partner.